Our Church is closed. However, Fr Hugh continues private  celebration of Mass and this will be streamed on our Facebook page on Sunday at 09h30


With great reluctance, Fr Hugh has decided that from Monday, 11th January, the church is to be closed until further notice. 


This decision has been reached only after widespread consultation, but the overall opinion of those in the parish directly connected with Covid management (our several doctors and others) is absolutely clear: that in the midst of the very grave current crisis we should not be gathering. The new variant, which has meant that the virus is spreading so very rapidly, has altered the picture greatly from previous circumstances.


This is not simply a matter of keeping ourselves individually safe. Many may feel that the way we operate at Corpus Christi means that the risk to each of us is very low. That may be true, but the fact is that some risk must remain.


As part of the wider community of Henfield (and beyond), we of course have a responsibility to our neighbour to minimise the risks we take. We are told that each of us can be a carrier without even being aware of it. To bring the pandemic under control, the government asks us not to leave home unless we have to, to behave as though each of us has Covid. As much as it may be hard not to be able to attend Mass in church, we do not have to, and for the common good we are being asked to make this sacrifice. As Cardinal Schonborn (Archbishop of Vienna) is reported as saying, "suspending Mass during Covid lockdowns is a sign of solidarity with the whole of society".


We hope to continue with live streaming Mass from the church at 10.00 am each Sunday; if you need advice on how to access this on Facebook please let me know. As many of you know, Mass is live streamed from many churches via the internet. 


The Lord is with us always with his grace, to support us and lead us as we now do what we believe we are called to do in the love of God and neighbour. Please God, we shall not be in in the present extraordinary circumstances for too long.


Yours in Christ,


(Dcn) Paul

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